Jr Milla Bio Reggae Singer Toronto

Jr Milla Bio
Born in Kingston, Jamaica Jr Milla came to Canada in his early teens. After high school he joined an all-Italian band “Gratitude” as the lead singer. A few years later he started his own band “Night Lite” with Francis on drums, Raymond on bass and himself playing guitar and on lead vocals. After five years of “Night Lite” in the late ‘80s he started his second band “United Groove” which won the Canadian Reggae Music Award and he plays with them to date. Jr Milla has worked with international singers Dennis Brown, Elephant Man, Gordy Johnson of Big Sugar, Rasta Phil and many more, and is currently collaborating with Latin Singer Lucina Monroy working on an exclusive remix of his single “Nu World.” His lyrics uplift the masses and create a positive change in the world and Jr Millar continues to make music stating that “Your attitude determines your altitude.” He plays in and around Toronto and plans to tour in the near future. For bookings contact: 416 994 8361



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